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Sticky Baits Krill Powder,

Our Krill Powder is pure, premium quality krill meal. Very strong smelling, it makes a fantastic addition to paste, PVA bags, groundbaits, base mix and spod mixes. Like Shrimp meal, it is quite buoyant, which helps to keep the swim active and the fish searching for more! This really is awesome stuff and a little goes a long way. Being so light makes this an excellent addition to a PVA bag mix when fishing over weed or silt as it will help create a slow-sinking presentation which wont be dragged into the bottom debris as much.

We also highly recommend this potent powder as an addition to any avid floater fishing armoury. Give your chosen floater pellet a splash of the Cap-Oil, followed by a light covering of the Pure Krill Powder, and were sure youll find the results devastating as we have! The powders versatility coupled with the fact that fish simply go wild for the stuff making it a top selling product. Wed also like to point out its appeal to all species as emphasised by its use as a devastating perch attractor, definitely a worthwhile addition to any all-rounders tackle bag.

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