Shimano Beastmaster Margin Extreme 400 4m Pole

by Shimano
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Its no secret that fishing has trends that change every couple of decades, and just a few years ago the average commercial angler wouldn’t have dreamed of going anywhere near the margins of their local fishery. Nowadays everything has changed as anglers have become savvier to the fact that often the biggest of fish dwell near the margins of the water. However, anglers have repeatedly found themselves let down by poles that perform like a dream in the middle of the water. A broken pole puts a sour spin on even the most successful of sessions and the traditional long and lightweight poles just weren’t able to cope with the heavy duty, often snaggy, margin work that modern anglers were demanding. The tackle companies realised that something had to change.

This Beastmaster Margin Extreme 4m pole from Shimano is almost the polar opposite to the traditional fishing poles you used to find in use on commercial fisheries up and down the country. Significantly shorter and heavier than a traditional pole, everything about the Beastmaster Margin Extreme 4m pole has been geared up for heavy duty margin fishing.

Able to tackle the larger fish with ease, thanks to its stocky length and incredible strength, you don’t have to worry about breaking this pole should you come across a chunk in the reeds. Constructed from XT60 carbon mixed with Biofibre this pole is exceptionally strong and can contend with even the largest of commercial carp. This pole is able to stay strong whilst also staying slim, making this an ideal pole for junior anglers too. Slim enough for young children to hold and sturdy enough for you to allow them to fish without fear of pole breakages, this pole is a great way to get all the family interested in coarse and match fishing. 

The Shimano Beastmaster Margin Extreme 4m can also be used in conjunction with the other Beastmaster poles as a sturdy top kit alternative.

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