RidgeMonkey Quad Connect Stove Full Set

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With its super-stable quadrilateral design, twin high power outlet heads, height adjustable folding legs, and self-sealing quick release connector, this complete stove package from Ridge Monkey will beat every other piece of kit on the bank, and get you cooking in style.  Whether you want the flexibility to bring your brew to the boil just as your eggs are perfectly done, or you’re fishing with a friend, and want to cook dinner for both of you at once, this versatile stove offers you full bankside versatility, with the self-sealing quick release gas connector giving you the ability to run two stove heads from the same gas bottle, saving you time on the bank, and space in your pack.

RidgeMonkey have taken the angling world by storm, producing quality products that look good, perform well, and make the perfect bankside statement.  The first question RidgeMonkey’s team ask, whatever they’re making or doing, is “Why?” – because they know that’s going to be the first question anglers ask when confronted with products from a new brand: “Why should I buy this?  Why should I buy from you? Why is it this price? Why do I need it?” Once the question of “Why?” has been answered, a purchase will often follow, and, for an emerging brand, a purchase made once every “Why?” has been thoroughly and knowledgably answered may well result in a new convert, as it frequently does for RidgeMonkey.

With an EUIPO registered design, and a package that includes handle supports and a durable carry bag, the RidgeMonkey Quad Connect Complete Stove package gives you the power and style to up your bankside gourmet game, and make you the envy of your angling mates wherever you choose to set up.

Bringing vibrant, knowledgeable angling expertise to every aspect of product creation, from the initial design to the finishing touches, RidgeMonkey are definitely a brand to watch.

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