Preston Innovations Line Safe Plummets

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An incredibly advanced and purposely designed product that gives the angler a safe and easy method to plumb the depth. A firm EVA foam base eliminates any hook blunting, but still retains its structure and longevity. A horizontal ring on the top reduces any chance of your line kinking, as well as protecting thin diameter hook length materials. Giving you the perfect product for maximising bite detection by minimising slack line.

The 15g and 20g are ideal for the majority of commercial fisheries you're likely to wet a line at. However, the 30g is most useful on venues that have steep sloping shelves, such as snake lakes or venues that have lots of underwater deviations. The 45g version is more suited to deeper venues, such as rivers, lakes, canals etc, when fishing with heavy rigs is a must.

You can use bait bands, Rapid Stops, boilie spikes and any other type of hair rig with it, and due to the it’s wide horizontal point. Simply drop the hair rig and hook through, or swivel your hook round the ring and pull your hair rig through.
We have tried to cover a wide array of weights which provides something for every angler. Whether you're fishing on a commercial, river, canal, lake, you name there is one for you!

They come in packs of two, it's sure to be a massively popular product this spring.
We have four sizes in the range, 15g, 20g, 30g and 45g.
Can be used with ANY hooklength or hair rig.

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