Nash Double Top Porch Conversion Groundsheet

by Nash
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If you regularly tour the Continent on extended match fishing trips or like your UK holidays to be fishing focused, chances are you’ll already have come across the Nash Double Top Porch Bivvy Conversion, which gives you a fantastic amount of extra floorspace, with plenty of headroom.  And, if you have this porch extension, then you’ll want the Nash Double Top Porch Extension Groundsheet, to ensure that your extension is kept neat and tidy, clean, and free from damp. The porch conversion groundsheet also offers protection against rodents and snakes, making this a vital piece of your overseas fishing kit.

Simple to install, and offering full protection, this groundsheet comes in two sizes, to fit either the one-man or two-man bivvy options, and is lightweight and fully weather resistant.

The Nash Double Top Porch Bivvy is an excellent year-round bivvy option, and this groundsheet gives it an added advantage, bringing you an extra edge on the match fishing circuit.

Developed by Kevin Nash, who is still leading the brand today, Nash was born from an angler’s passion, and a drive to go bigger and do better.  That passion and drive, perfectly blended with quality design and exceptional attention to detail, are still firmly at the heart of the company, and are applied to every product, from the most technologically advanced pieces of kit, right through to the simplest angling accessories.

Designed around the challenges of carp fishing, and the needs of competitive anglers, Nash is the go-to name if you’re looking for reliable quality and excellent value, and need gear, tackle, and accessories that can handle the rigours of your angling world.

Match fishing tours are a great way to broaden your knowledge of the fish out there, the tackle and techniques in development, and the way different waterways and climates impact on the fish and fishing conditions, but they do demand exceptional levels of comfort, and truly rugged gear – both of which Nash more than deliver, time after time.

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