Nash Airflow Boilie Bag Small

by Nash
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Practical and stylish, the Nash Airflow Boilie Bag is an ideal way to keep frozen or stabilised bait in prime condition, particularly during longer sessions.

Being air-drying, these bait carry-alls are ideal for anglers who don’t like carrying wet gear home; by the end of a good session, your bait holdall should be dry enough to throw on the backseat of a car, or take home on public transport.

The Nash Airflow comes in two sizes, small and large.  The large size fits inside a 17 litre Nash bucket, while the same 17 litre bucket can accommodate two of the smaller bags.  This means you can save space at home or in your vehicle, and easily get your kit down to the bank.

The Nash Airflow is a stiffened frame, zipped bag, with anti-rot mesh construction which prevents moisture build up and enables optimal airflow.

Whatever water you’re fishing, whatever fish you’re after, the Nash Airflow Boilie Bag is an ideal accessory for bank or boat, and an easy way to keep your bait neat, organised, and in prime condition.

With a reputation for innovation, Nash are one of the top brands and go-to names in carp fishing, with products designed to provide comfort, style, and performance during longer sessions and overnight match fishing.  The Airflow Boilie bag is the perfect complement to the Nash range of Products.

If you use frozen or stabilised bait for your carp fishing, you need to add the Nash Airflow Boilie Bag to your equipment store.  With bait kept in optimum condition, you’ll get more fish, and a better chance of a good bite.  There’s no sense in fishing an extended session with sub-par bait, and a good bait holdall ensures that won’t happen.   You wouldn’t be too impressed if someone turned up at your house with food that was starting to go stale; fish take the same view, so make sure you offer prime-quality bait, and make the most of your angling.

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