MIDDY Shock Core Fusion XT15 Carp 11.5m Pole Package

by Middy
Sold out

An amazing new carp pole the XT-15 takes all the qualities and strength now synonymous with poles from the Middy brand (White Knuckle, Animal Tamer, Shock Stikk) and adds more than a touch of finesse with it's incredible balance, weight and stiffness. Another superb pole that offers performance and quality never seen before for under £600 sure to be a favourite among club and commercial anglers.

Ideal for anglers who tend not to need to fish as long as 13 metres also ideal as a top end margin pole with extra versatility and length. This is more than a carp pole, it is also light and stiff enough for competition silver work, only 775g @ 11.5M. With a 22 rating it will withstand the rigours of commercials yet retains a touch of class.

Comes with 1.5m Extension Kit. 


2 x additional Karp 2 Kits

3 x elasticated Kits.

Mini Extension.

Carry case.

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