Korda Zig Anti-Tangle Sleeves

by Korda
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Designed to offer the perfect fit for the Korda ZigKit, the Korda Zig Anti-Tangle Sleeve is shorter than other sleeves currently on the market from Korda.  The smaller bore on this sleeve is perfect for the QC Swivel, while the sleeve itself is clear, and unobtrusive mid-water.

As well as being used to help avoid tangles in your zig rigging, the sleeve can also be used as a floater, helping to kick your hooklink out and away, and giving you the best chance of getting a bite you can bring to the bank.

Syonymous with Carp fishing, Korda has firmly established itself as a brand that's all about bankside practicality, and carping perfection. With over a quarter of a century spent constantly innovating and improving the range of tackle and accessories available on the carp scene, Korda know their stuff, and anglers can trust to the quality and performance of every product that comes from the Korda stable.

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