Korda Ready tied Chod Rigs Barbless

by Korda
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Korda Ready Tied Chod Rigs

As anglers, we can’t think of anything better than dedicating all of our time to the sport we love. However, unfortunately that annoying thing known as real life often gets in the way of our angling dreams and, whether it’s due to a heavy work schedule or a hectic family life, often times angling can get left by the wayside. After all, its not as if you can just load up your car and head off for a few hours of fishing without notice – or can you? With the Korda Ready Tied Chod Rigs, you no longer have to worry about ensuring that you’ve got all your gear prepped before you head down to the water’s edge. Instead, you can simply bring a packet of these impressive chod rigs with you to the bank, for speedy rigging up, to ensure that you can maximise the time spent angling and minimise the time spent setting up! Time pressured carp fishing need be a thing of the past with these Korda Ready Tied Chod Rigs.

What’s more, if you’re a novice angler then these rigs are an ideal way to get started in the sport. Learning to tie rigs takes time and patience, but with these Korda Ready Tied Chod Rigs you can have your rods out with the chod rigs on, whilst you practise your own rig tying on the bank. However, this shouldn’t be confused with a beginners only product! In fact Korda’s Ready Tied Chod Rigs are set to rival any hand-tied chod rig out there – they are even said to be better quality than the rigs that experienced chod rig angler Danny Fairbrass can tie! In fact Korda has taken inspiration from founder Danny when creating these ready tied chod rigs, and has used his very own techniques and knotting style to create these perfect rigs. Each rig is tied with a ‘whipping knot’, which is known to be Danny’s speciality. This give a very neat rig, as the knot does not interfere with the rest of the rig set up and instead sits precisely on the shank.

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