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Korda KD Ready Carp Rigs, 

There is nothing more satisfying than casting out a tried and tested rig which virtually guarantees angling success, allowing you to sit back and watch the water whilst you wait for that practically inevitable indication from your bite alarm. The Korda KD Carp Rig is one such rig; the brain child of Steve Eaves and used by Korda’s top anglers – including the likes of Tom Dove and Ali Hamidi – this rig has brought in many monster carp. Now, to make life that little bit easier, Korda has produced a range of pre-tied KD Rigs, so you can arrive on the bank ready to go.

It’s no secret that the Korda team are perfectionists so it won’t surprise you that, when they were creating this pre-tied offering, the team wanted this rig to be considered the ultimate KD on the market. This is why they asked Tom Dove to tie the very first Korda KD. Tom has exacting standards and, as an avid user of the rig in his personal angling, he is a stickler for quality. Only when Tom was satisfied that he would use this rig in his own angling did he finally release it to Korda’s team of dedicated rig tiers. They then copied his rig knot for knot, ensuring that each and every KD lived up to Tom’s expectations. The result was a range of KD’s that Tom would be more than confident in when casting out!

Designed to be used with a buoyant bait, the rigs are all tied with proven Korda components and they are supplied with free Extenda stops, as well as standard hair stops. This ensures that you can customise your presentation to best suit the size of bait that you’re using, whilst still benefiting from the precision that the Korda KD gives you. Each of the rigs has been fitted with a Korda Kurv Shank hook. A fantastically versatile hook, the Kurv Shank boasts impressive hooking powers which make it ideal for use with a pop-up presentation – such as the KD rig. This hook features a sweeping shank and a 28 degree in-turned eye, as well as a long a straight point. It is needless to say that the point of this hook is absolutely needle sharp, too! The KD presentation ensures that the eye of the hook is lifted as the carp takes you bait, ensuring that the point of the hook is weighted down towards the bottom lip of the carp – practically guaranteeing a firm hook hold. The rig is available with both barbed and barbless hooks. This is because the Korda team knows that different hooks offer different benefits in different scenarios, so the choice is yours. What’s more, some venues ban barbed hooks, so the variety available ensures that you can always enjoy the benefits of the KD Carp Rig, regardless of the rules of your chosen venue.

As well as the high-quality Kurv Shank hook, the rig is finished with an N-Trap Coated Braid. Hugely versatile, this braid is famous for its tough, matt coating and perfectly colour matched inner Dyneema braid. This ensures that you bait lays perfect in and amongst your boilies – looking as innocuous as you’d like in order to entrance even the most nervous carp. The rigs are available in three different sizes – a size six, a size eight, and a size 10. These cover practically all of the carp fishing scenarios which you could expect to encounter on the bank, ensuring that you can enjoy the benefits of the Korda KD Carp Rig on a variety of waters for a variety of fish.

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