Korda Kable Leadcore

by Korda
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The Korda Kable Leadcore offers you everything that you could ask from a top quality leadcore. The brand spent a considerable amount of time producing a camouflage pattern that would be perfect in all situations and, in the end, the brand has manufactured two top quality leadcores which are ideal in a huge variety of carp fishing scenarios. What’s more, these colours perfectly complement the range of Dark Matter terminal tackle – allowing you to create a flawless rig that is practically invisible when under the water.

The Korda Gravel Kable has been designed for use over harder clay, sand, and gravel – all three of which are extremely common options on many of the UK’s best venues. Rather than simply relying on the old camouflage patterns which, whilst effective, have begun to look tired on the lake bed, Korda’s Adam Penning dedicated years of research in order to design a brand new camouflage pattern that really is invisible on the lake bed. The result was a unique banded camouflage, using alternating bands of colour to breakup the outline of the leader. The second Korda Kable Leadcore colour is the Weed/Silt Kable. As the name suggests, this Kable has been designed for use over snaggy, weedy, and silty lake beads and Korda believes that this is the perfect leadcore for use in combination with a chod rig. Similarly to the Gravel Kable, Adam Penning worked tireless to create yet another unique banded camouflage pattern. Once again, the unique design breaks up the outline of your leadcore in a way that traditional camouflage cannot, creating a totally invisible rig.

Both the Korda Gravel Kable and the Korda Weed/Silt Kable are available in 50lb breaking strains. This makes them the perfect tools for targeting the largest carp that the UK has to offer and the Korda team use these leadcores when they are looking to land new personal best fish. The leadcore comes in two different lengths. The shorter 7m spool is perfect for the angler who has never fished with Korda Kable Leadcore before, whereas the larger 25m spool is ideal for the dedicated leadcore user who is on the bank week in and week out.

The Korda Kable Leadcore is relatively thin, especially considering its breaking strain, and it is remarkably supple. This ensures that it will cling to the contours of your chosen venue, further aiding with the line’s invisibility. The Kable is also easy to splice, allowing you to achieve a secure loop for ultra-strong rig construction. If you’re an angler who targets intelligent carp who know their hookbaits from their freebies then this is the perfect leadcore to use, as it melts into the lake bed for an ultra stealthy approach to angling.

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