Korda Carp Care Kit All In One

by Korda
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Korda New Carp Care Kit,

The Korda Carp Care All-in-One liquid has been designed for use on carp and other coarse species. We all have a responsibility to give the utmost care to the fish we catch. During the course of their lives carp will pick up injuries, either as a result of being caught or just through the daily interaction with their environment. Even the smallest hook hold should be treated to prevent infection, aid the healing process and ultimately prolong the lives of our quarry. To use, simply dry the required area with a towel then apply a small amount of liquid using your finger.

Containing a concentrate to provide maximum adhesion to fish, Carp Care All-in-One doesnt wash away like other anti-septic treatments. With the very latest anti-bacterial agents found in many modern health care products for human use, this product has been designed for use on all parts of the fish, removing the need for separate mouth and body liquids.

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