Kodex Serenity Net / CX-i Landing Net Pole Bundle Deal

by Kodex
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Kodex Serenity Landing Net

  • Offers incredible quality at an amazing price
  • Lightweight yet sturdy design
  • Glide effortlessly to your quarry
  • Soft anti-hang up fish-friendly mesh
  • Deep mesh netting to swallow up fish on the catch
  • Strong polymer angled cord guides to reduce weight
  • Strong 12mm arms with over-sleeve for easy assembly
  • Seven stitch cloth rim and a subtle natural green anti-spook finish.
  • Features Kodex unique new spreader block
  • Independent glass-filled lightweight polymer spreader with a brass thread
  • Built to offer immense strength yet still retains an overall lightweight feel
  • Slot on both sides to accommodate one of the Kodex mini isotopes/betalights
  • 42" span = 39" depth

Kodex CX-i 2 piece Landing net pole 

An excellent all-round slim handle with incredible strength and attractive subtle graphics, the Carp CX from Kodex is a stiff fibra 1.8m one-piece construction with brass thread and epoxy black whipping. Team up with the 42" XS-T net for a good reach potential of 11ft (3.35m).

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