Kodex Serenity Carp Net 42" net

by Kodex
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Serenity nets from Kodex offer incredible quality at an amazing price. These nets have a lightweight yet sturdy design and they glide effortlessly to your quarry with their soft, anti-hang up, fish-friendly mesh. This deep mesh netting cradles fish on the catch, providing comfortable, relaxing support, and ensuring that sensitive scales and fins aren't damaged.

When it comes to specimen-sized carp, strength through the spreader block is all that matters on the landing net scene. You want hauling power, and the ability to trust that your new pb won't get away because your net breaks.  Backing up this strength and power with fish friendly, durable mesh, and a comforting, supportive design, Kodex Serenity landing nets bring peace to the fish, and peace of mind to the angler.

Features include; strong polymer angled cord guides to reduce weight, strong 12mm arms with over-sleeve for easy assembly, seven stitch cloth rim and a subtle natural green anti-spook finish.

Kodex have really put a lot of effort into designing these landing nets, including creating their own totally unique spreader block - it's an independent glass-filled lightweight polymer spreader with a brass thread, purpose built to offer immense strength yet still retain an overall lightweight feel, even if you're landing with a longer 2.3m pole and a large 42" net! This unique spreader also has a slot on both sides to accommodate one of the Kodex mini isotopes which are available separately in a range of colours.

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