JRC Contact Net Float

by JRC
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ving extra buoyancy to your Landing net, and providing a smoother, easier retrieve, net floats are handy things to have in your carp angering kit, and an essential if you’re fishing natural waters, with a stronger current, or larger commercials, where you may be retrieving over distance.  Net floats also allow you to rest a fish in the water using your landing net – handy if you managed to forget your carp cradle or retaining weigh sling.

With a quality, waterproof nylon outer construction, these JRC net floats are filled with high density foam, giving a buoyant design, and a smart look that will blend with most carp set ups.

Securely attaching to your landing net handle, the net float comes in at a neat and compact 90mm x 200mm, making it easy to fit in the pocket of a rucksack, and giving you no excuse for not carrying at least one with you, even on shorter sessions

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