Guru X Change Distance Feeders

by Guru
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The X-Change Distance Feeders complement the already strong range of feeders in our stable. This X-Change ​Feeder offers ultimate versatility, and meets all international CIPS rules, meaning it can be used in all World ​Championship and international matches. The whole team at Guru has come together in the development ​of these, including the expertise of current and ex-England Internationals, Steve Ringer and Adam Rooney, ​who have tested the range for nearly two years to tweak and perfect it. No stone has been left unturned in ​terms of the components, features and performance of these weapons!

​One of the main aims of the Distance Feeders was to create a tool ​that would cast super accurately and help anglers cast further. To ​achieve this, the feeders are developed with a super-smooth profile ​on the outside, in an optimum aerodynamic shape. This shape not ​only helps gain distance and accuracy on the cast, but also helps the ​feeders retrieve smoothly. The body of the feeders is also designed ​to come to the surface as quickly as possible on the retrieve, which ​is a great advantage when fishing near ledges, shelves or snags. ​The actual plastic material the feeders are made from is strong and ​durable, which will last when been hammered against buckets and ​bowls during loading, or cast into rocky terrain.​The Registered-Design line attachment is freshly developed to avoid ​tangles, making the rig as simple as ever to give less scope for ​complications and breakages. This is made from a loop of 0.55mm ​Mouth Trap filament, which is super strong without any crimps. This ​runs through the body, making a clean, tangle-free loop. You simply ​attach it to the rig via a Snap Swivel, which leaves the feeder hanging ​central for optimum casting every time.

A totally unique feature of the X-Change Distance ​Feeders, is the fact you can change the weights on the ​feeders by simply twisting to click them on and off. The ​connection is easy and quick, while being safely secure. The ​weights fit feeders throughout the range, offering the most ​versatile set of Feeders ever produced. This weight design ​on the feeder is weight-forward, for maximum distance ​and accuracy. Lots of feeder fishing is done in difficult and ​testing conditions, especially in wind, when the feeders ​perform above and beyond. Having this interchangeable weight system also allows anglers to cut-down the amount of ​feeders they need to take to the bank.​

Also in the range are two Bait-Up Feeders. These are designed ​for feeding a quantity of bait at the start of a session. In the ​past, many anglers have tried to make their own feeders ​for this, but nobody has ever nailed this product until now. ​The Bait-Up Feeders come in two sizes, both featuring the ​interchangeable weights. Their design helps bait stick in the ​feeder on the cast, while it will empty-out quickly in the swim ​to bait-up your area. Although large enough to feed an amount of bait at the start of a session, the Bait-Up ​Feeders have been designed at a size that will not put too much strain on a standard rod set-up.

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