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Guru Method Feeder Clip,

If you’re an angler who loves to use the method feeder when match fishing or you’re someone who finds that method feeding doesn’t quote give the results that you’re looking for, then you’ll love the Guru Method Feeder Clip. Sometimes the smallest and simplest of devices can be the most revolutionary, and this can’t be truer than of the Guru Method Feeder Clip. No matter how you choose to bait your swim, it is a generally accepted rule of thumb that getting your hookbait right in and amongst your loose freebie feed is the best way of ensuring that you get a take. However, this is often easier said than done and although a method feeder generally ensures that your hookbait will begin surrounded by free feed it is another matter entirely trying to ensure it stays there.

With the Guru Method Feeder Clip you can guarantee that your hookbait will sit, perfectly presented, surrounded by your freebie bait. The Method Feeder Clip simply slots into your existing Guru Method Feeder, and Guru has produced two different sizes in order to ensure that you get the perfect fit no matter which size feeder you currently use. The large clip, for example, will slot perfectly into any of the ‘large’ method feeders, from the 28g size right up to the 45g. You then clip your hooklink into the feeder before filling as normal, ensuring that your hookbait is perfect positioned in your feeder before casting.

Not only does fishing with the Guru Method Feeder Clip ensure that you get perfectly presented hookbait time after time, but it also enables you to fish effectively with much shorter hooklinks without any of the problems that are usually associated with them (including any difficulty tying them or suffering from hook-pulls). Once a fish takes and the hook is set the method feeder clip will allow the line to release, ensuring that you’re able to play the fish on your normal length hooklink. If you’re on a venue that bans bolt rigs, the Guru Method Feeder Clip is ideal as it clips in the same way as a bolt rig but, unlike a bolt rig, it unclips to allow the fish to run. What’s more, when you’re fishing with a pop-up then you don’t need to use a counter balance weight as you simple need to clip in at the required height you want your hookbait to sit at.

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