Guru 15" Ready Rigs With SPEEDSTOPS

by Guru
Alex Bones and Steve Ringer wanted to add a range of ready-tied rigs that they’d happily use in a match situation themselves. Our range of ready rigs is the result. There is no angling discipline that demands the angler to be as organized as match fishing. Speed is essential and any hold ups can cost valuable fish. That’s why the range of ready rigs sits so well in the Guru portfolio. The ready rigs come in two forms, the Method Hair Rig and Feeder Hair Rig. Both are tied on the MWG hook, which is a great all rounder and barbless too, which is essential on most commercial waters these days. The Method Hair Rig has been purpose designed for use with the method feeder. Through their vast combined commercial-water experience, the Guru team believed that the perfect length for a method rig was four inches. This allows the bait to be presented among the free bait that has dropped off the feeder. They coupled the N-Gauge hook link with the Guru MWG hook, which is an awesomely strong, versatile pattern. The lads decided on figure-of-eight loops for ultimate knot strength and a piece of silicone on the hair to keep the bait and hook in the optimum hooking position. 

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