Gardner Kinetic Spod Braid

by Gardner
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This unique high performance, super smooth and extremely robust braided mainline specifically developed for heavy spodding/spombing without the need to use a shock leader. Kinetic Spod Braid withstands spodding without the need to tie on heavier breaking strain shock leaders.

Kinetic Spod Braid is manufactured using a superior 8-Carrier construction gives a nice round profile and super smoother finish, ensuring it glides through rod rings smoothly for easier casting and fewer fraps or wind knots.

Near-Zero stretch offers excellent control and helps to ensure that your spod will land at exactly the same distance, time and time again, so you are truly in control of the concentration or spread of free baits.

*Spod Braid has also proven to be extremely popular and effective when used as a shock leader by anglers fishing at extreme range with thinner diameter braided main lines.

  • 100% Dyneema.
  • Rated 35lb (15.9kg). The breaking strain is rated at true knot strength (most braids aren’t).
  • High knot strength and super strong.
  • 250m per spool.
  • 0.30mm diameter.
  • Low Viz dark green.

*Gardner Tackle believes in rating fishing line products honestly and as accurately as possible. Therefore, we always offer the uncrushed diameter for braided main lines and our stated breaking strains are inclusive of knot strength.

Other braided main lines that are available in the Gardner Kinetic range includes, Kinetic Marker Braid and Kinetic Braided Mainline (15lb up to 50lb) and Kinetic Distance Braid.

Dyneema® is a registered trademark of DSM Dyneema.

For a quick guide on how to load braids onto your reels click here –

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