Fox Warrior S Rod 12ft

by Fox
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Fox Warrior S Rod - Cork Version Also Available. 

Fox International has always had practically at the heart of its business ever since it was established in a small Essex workshop. This ethos has carried it all the way through to the present day where it is now one of the leading tackle manufacturers in Europe. It has a variety of product ranges across the disciplines so you can experience the excellence of Fox no matter where you specialise; this rod in particular is perfect for any angler who enjoys a spot of carp fishing. It is constantly striving to produce high performance and superior quality products that both beginner and professional anglers alike can trust on the bank.

The Fox Warrior S Rods are the new and improved versions of the previous bestselling Warrior range from Fox; if you were a fan of the original range then you will certainly love these rods too along with their new features and improvements. They have been given brand new technology and significant adjustments to utterly transform and improve the way you fish. The original Warrior S series was known for its low price, and this range is no different. It remains at an affordable price for anglers on a budget and are perfect entry level for beginner fishermen, whether you start later in life or happen to be teaching the next generation.

This range of rods all come with Fox Slik guides (40mm butt to 14mm tip) which will offer protection for your line: they will reduce friction completely so there is no chance of fraying or breakage. These large and thick line ring guides also help the line to flow through with ease, providing you with a smoother cast. Frequently replacing your line is a thing of the past thanks to these line guides, they will now perform as expertly as the rod itself to give you an exceptional angling experience overall.

One of the most superior features of this enhanced range of rods is the DPS-style 18mm reel seat with reinforced steel collar. With this fantastic reel seat, you can keep a firm grip on your rod to reel in even the most aggressive fish without too much difficulty. Never again will you have to deal with the irritating feeling of your rod slipping through your hands, causing you to lose a bite. This reel seat will provide you with the excellent grip needed to work with this powerful rod. What’s more, rod itself has a good bend which will help you to avoid any hook pulls from any size of fish; you can work together with this rod to reel in the largest carp around.

Another superb feature of this rod is the built-in line clip. This line-friendly CAD-engineered line clip increases indication sensitivity so that you will never miss a bite on your hook. Not only that, but it also creates a bolt rig effect when you get a run. This new feature just adds to the superiority of this rod.

Compromising power for a more lightweight rod is an issue for many anglers, but it’s a decision you don’t have to make here. The weight is distributed throughout the rod, from the handle to the tip, making it exceedingly well balanced and providing you with more efficient casts. You can enjoy both power and low weight with this rod.

This rod not only works brilliantly, but it looks good too. It has a matt black and understated finish with a laser engraved gun smoke butt cap to give it a sleek and stylish look. Don’t let its good looks fool you, it can handle more unpleasant water conditions too, such as flood waters. It is perfect for anglers trying barbel fishing for the first time yet would also make an excellent rod for an experienced angler too. 

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