ESP Syncro XT Loaded 1000m Line

by ESP
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Following its launch in 2011, the original ESP Syncro XT Line has grown to become one of the most widely used and well respected top end mainlines available. And with very good reason, it ticks all the boxes regarding what's required from a top performing carp mono: unbeatable knot strength, optimum stretch and superb abrasion resistance without being wiry. This relative suppleness makes it a front runner when it comes to distance casting.

Highly respected known anglers such as Terry Hearn, Gaz Fareham, Kev Hewitt, Martin Bowler, Mark McKenna, Nick Helleur, Sean Leverett and Marcus Howarth switched to Syncro along with many others that are less well known but no lesser anglers. Many of these guys fish waters containing carp where nothing can be left to chance, and a reliable mainline really is key. 

Over the intervening period since the initial launch ESP have carried on testing various different mono samples and have yet to find anything better than Syncro, which combined all the attributes required. However during this testing process they explored different colours having been asked by some of their sponsored anglers for a darker olive green. The original samples which were in a different grade of monofilament looked superb, but were found to be lacking when it came to strength.

So they used the same dark olive pigment on the Syncro grade mono and that combined with a slight change to the surface finish, which gave them a line that had all the classic attributes of the original Syncro XT, but which sinks quicker. With the ESP Syncro XT Loaded Mainline, you’ve got the best of both worlds!

So the Syncro XT Loaded Mainline was born, and even before it was first put out on the market the anglers that had been testing it for ESP became completely sold on it. Upon casting out it sinks through the surface film virtually unaided until it just hangs from the rod tips. And if a slack line approach is required, then it stays that way, lying tight to the bottom to the extent that you can feel it peeling up off the lake bed when winding in.

The dark olive pigment disappears against any lake bed and is actually very difficult to see when suspended off the rod tips, even in tap clear water, so there’s no need to worry about spooking the fish with your dream mainline. With this and the right rod, you’re well on your way to enjoying a great more deal of success in your angling experience!

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