ESP Syncro XT 1000m Line

by ESP

ESP Syncro XT is an unobtrusive low visibility smoke green line that is extremely abrasion resistant.

It also features a slick surface finish to aid distance casting.

Available in 10lb, 12lb and 15lb Breaking Strain

1000m Spools

Excellent Abrasion Resistance

Super High Knot Strength

Low Vis Smoke Green

The XT of Syncro literally stands for extra tough, indicating that this exceptional monofilament is highly abrasion resistant and durable.

The breaking strain quoted on each spool is an easily achievable knot strength, appropriate to its diameter. However, with carefully tied, mechanically superior knots like the five turn grinner, average breaking strains can be significantly increased as indicated below.

10lb (possible 15lb), diameter 0.30mm

12lb (possible 17.5lb), diameter 0.33mm

15lb (possible 21lb), diameter 0.37mm

18lb (possible 26lb), diameter 0.40mm


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