ESP Rig Shrink Tube

by ESP
ESP Rig Shrink Tube,

Low diameter shrink tube for all the popular carp hook sizes from 2 to 10. Designed for the production of neat, anti-eject rigs. Specially formulated so that it is just stiff enough to take and retain any angle or bend set in during shrinkage.

ESP Rig Shrink Tube reduces in diameter but not at all in length. The popular Line Aligner Anti-Eject rig in diagram 1 uses size 6 Raptor D7 and a 15mm section of tube. The rig shrink has been set to come off the eye on a curve. In diagram 2, the Dyneema braid is passed through a small hole made in the underside of the tube. In diagram 3, on the Long-Shank size 8 the Rig Shrink has been heat set at an acute angle off the hook eye. Instead of silicone, a further short section of Rig Shrink has been used to position the hair on the shank.

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