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ESP Plain PVA Bags,

ESP has specialised in terminal tackle before the company was even named ESP. It may have undergone various name changes over the years, but the quality of its gear has never wavered in the slightest. Every one of ESP’s products is made to specification; the entirety of its team’s design and tackle expertise goes into its products to provide you, the angler, with the best equipment you can get your hands on. All of its new products are put through a series of tests by passionate anglers and any improvements needed are made before the product gets onto the shelf so that each one is perfected right down to the details.

These perforated PVA bags are made from a tough and strong material which sets them apart from many other bags like them on the market. Unlike numerous thin film bags, these will not melt down on the descent through the water and release bait prematurely thanks to the strength of the material. Instead, they melt down within the correct time-frame, which means you can cast your bait accurately and spread it exactly in the area you want to as they create a concentrated feeding area. No longer will you suffer from losing out on those bottom-feeders because your PVA bag dissolved before it reached the lake bed, now casting your bait whilst carp fishing will be a breeze.

An issue with PVA bags in the past has been the debris they leave behind in the water, causing damage to both fish and their habitats. With the rising concern for conservation, you’ll be happy to know that ESP’s PVA bags melt down without any residue at all. They’re perfectly safe to use in any area you fish, making them a great choice for any angler who likes to keep the fish happy too.

One of the greatest features of these bags is that they are covered in coating of neutral food grade powder which prevents them from sticking together and also much easier to open. The hassle of carefully peeling apart the bags without ripping them will no longer be a problem for you with these PVA bags. You’ll be able to get them out quicker and easier than ever before so you can get straight to filling it with bait and attracting your target fish, whether its bream, tench or carp. 

The defining factor of these bags is that they are perforated; they have multiple small holes over their entire surface so pockets of air cannot remain trapped inside the bag. This makes them ideal for distance casting and it also ensures that they sink rapidly in deep water which means they will dissolve when they reach the lake or riverbed, rather than earlier.

To cast these smoothly and effectively, you should always use a hooklink which is shorter than the length of the bag to ensure that the rig works efficiently. Next, place the lead in the bottom of the bag and keep the hooklink at the top. Fill in around the rig, keeping the lead in a central position. This will ensure the bag has a distinct weight bias towards the bottom and flies straight and true on casting. If you want to further increase casting distance, accuracy and stability, then a pear shaped lead is the one for you.

For short to medium range casting the hookpoint can be poked through the top of the bag, whilst taking care to avoid the centre of the knot. For maximum range casting, you’ll be a better performance by placing the lead inside the bag, and threading the hook and hooklength through the bottom. Once the bag is filled, attach the hookbait and simply nick the hookpoint through the side of the bag.

The excellent quality ESP’s designs makes these bags great value for money. You can use them with all of your favourite baits and adatives and are a fantastic match with oil based liquid additives and flavourings.

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