ESP Paragon Plus Carp Rod 12ft 3LB

by ESP
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ESP Paragon Plus Rod

The Paragon Plus series from ESP provides the ultimate in top rod performance at an exceptional price. With five different rods in the range, there are plenty of options to choose from when picking your dream tool. All the rods in the series feature high modulus carbon blanks in a gloss black. 50mm ring set SiC guides are present on all rods of 3lb test curve and higher to reduce friction – allowing for improved casting over longer distances. ESP’s trademark moulded line clip is also present on all but the marker and spod rods in the series. All of the rods in the series are 12ft in length, but offer a variety of test curves making series incredibly versatile.

The lightest rod in the series has a 2.75lb test curve. This makes it the ideal precision balance tool for short and medium range work; although it is powerful enough to comfortably cast a 2.5oz lead over 100m. This is the only rod in the range that doesn’t feature 50mm rings.

ESP describes the 3lb Paragon Plus as the ultimate in all round performance. Effective for both distance casting and short range work, this rod has a rugged action and is best experienced with a 3oz lead.

The 3.25lb Paragon Plus is a powerful tool which has been designed with distance casting in mind. However, this distance power doesn’t mean that it has lost its ability as a fish playing tool and it is equally effective at preventing hook pulls near the net. Perfect for use with PVA or 3.25oz leads, this rod is great for slightly larger waters.

The marker rod has a 3.5lb curve. The carbon blank has been modified to ensure its rigidity, enabling exceptional vibration transfer along the length of the rod as well as top quality distance casting action. ESP recommends using this rod with a braid to get the best results when mapping the bed of the river or lake you’re fishing.

The spod Paragon Plus is, understandably, the heaviest duty of all the rods in the range and has a 4.5lb test curve. Designed with repetition in mind, this rod is set up with a progressive action that allows for repeated accuracy time after time. ESP recommends a 6-8oz spod for the ultimate in distance performance, although heavier spods will perform well over a short to mid range casts.

All the rods feature low key graphics, meaning this rod series is as slick to look at as it is to use, and they all feature a full length shrink rubber handle with flared casting grip.

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