ESP Adjustable Lead Clips

by ESP
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ESP Adjustable Lead Clip,

ESP Adjustable Lead Clips are truly versatile and can be used with heavy leads and PVA Bags for distance casting without risk of the lead ejecting on impact.

Alternatively the lead retaining arm can be cut back for more efficient lead ejection when targeting big carp in weedy or snaggy waters.

Available in speckled weedy green, camo brown and choddy silt.

ESP Adjustable Lead Clips can be used with monofilament, anti-tangle tubing or leadcore.

Directions for use:
1 Whereas we recommend splicing leadcore, there is sufficient room behind the peg and swivel eye to accommodate knots in stripped section of leadcore leader. 2 Thread tail rubber and adjustable lead clip onto the leadcore leader and attach swivel with a splice or grinner knot. The body is slightly oval in shape which helps align the swivel eye with the peg retaining hole. 3 A retaining peg must be pushed through the swivel eye to lock everything in place. Image 1

4 Attach lead swivel onto retaining arm and push tail rubber over the rear barrel of the lead clip. 5 To change rigs simply use the small pusher tool on the side of the disc to force the locking peg back out of the Lead Clip. 6 The more you cut back the arm the easier the lead releases.

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