Drennan Vari-Weight Feeders

by Drennan
Drennan Vari-Weight Feeders,

These new Drennan feeders are absolutely ingenious! Although they are excellent on stillwater, Vari-Weights are designed primarily for the river angler who needs to make small adjustments to the weight loading in order to get the feeder fishing perfectly.

The ability to make these fine adjustments without having to replace one feeder for another, or fiddling around with clip-on weights, is a real advantage. What's more, the streamlining of the feeder isn't affected either. Getting the weight of the feeder right is especially important when fishing for drop-backs with a carbon quiver tip.

Each Vari-Weight pack contains 2 feeders - one light and one heavy. Both have a speckled finish for camouflage, one of which is green and the other is brown. The really clever part is that, between them, the two feeders contain 4 different interchangeable weights that slide in and out of their housing in the flat bottom part of each feeder, giving 9 different weight combinations! This makes it so much easier for the angler to get the loading just right.

If a base weight happens to get stuck inside the feeder, perhaps due to groundbait, etc, it can be pushed out with a disgorger through the lower hole in the solid end of the feeder. Each feeder is fitted with Powergum to hold the cap in place, with a swivel built into the end-cap.

There are four Vari-Weight feeder packs in the family, each with its own range of nine different weight combinations: Mini, Small, Medium, Large.

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