Drennan Specialist Rod Socks

by Drennan
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Designed with a Velcro tab closure to ensure a snug, secure fit for any rod, these neoprene socks offer complete protection for your rods while in transit, giving you the peace of mind of knowing that, wherever you're fishing, your rods will reach  the bank without any scratches or damage, no matter how many bumps and twists your journey to the bank involves, or how loaded your barrow is.

These Specialist Neoprene Rod Socks are supplied in pairs, and give a durable, hardwearing extra layer of protection to your expensive equipment. Each pair of rod socks includes a short sock and a long sock, giving your rods complete protection, providing the ability to place one sock over the butt of your rod, and the other over the tip. Neoprene is a fully waterproof material, so you can get your rods right into the swim, and, if your venue is within walking distance, you can carry your rods through even heavy rain without risking corrosion and rusting.

Drennan's prime concern is that any tackle and equipment they produce offers good value for money, is effortless to use, and helps you catch more fish. At this price, the first of these requirements is clearly met in these neoprene rod socks, as is the second. As to catching more fish, the rod socks allow you to carry additional rods without a quiver , maximising your chances of a bite, and allowing you to fish a fully versatile set up, and handle a long or broad swim. 

Whatever your angling discipline, these smart, simple, affordable accessories would be an ideal purchase to add to your essential kit, and would also make an ideal small gift for the angler in your life. 

The Drennan brand started with the founder, Peter Drennan, making balsa wood floats in his mother's garage, and has progressed in leaps and bounds to become the internationally renowned tackle company it is today.

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