Drennan Series 7 Spincast Rods

by Drennan
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Drennan Series 7 Spincast rods are available in three lengths and each model has an excellent casting and fish playing action.

7ft Spincast: 1.25lb test curve – Ideal for small plugs, spinners and lures with recommended reel lines of 6lb to 10lb mono. The shortest, lightest, most ‘fun’ rod in the range and ideally suited for smaller rivers, streams and ponds and where smaller predators are expected to form the major quarry.

8ft Spincast: 1.75lb test curve – Ideal for a wide range of plugs, lures and spinners with reel lines of 8lb to 12lb. The middle rod of the range is perfect for most general lure fishing applications on a wide range of venues and where fish of various sizes can be encountered. 9ft Spincast: 2.25lb test curve – Perfect for casting and working a wide range of plugs, lures, spoons and spinners and recommended for use with mono main lines of 10lb to 15lb. The 9ft Spincast offers greater control over larger fish such as double-figure pike and zander, where the more powerful blank and longer reach are an advantage.

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