Drennan Series 7 Puddle Chucker Method Feeder 11ft Rod

by Drennan

Drennan Series 7 Puddle Chucker Method Feeder Rod

A more powerful version of Drennan’s original Puddle Chucker Carp Feeder Rod, this Series Seven Puddle Chucker Method Feeder Rod allows you to cast loaded method feeders with ease and accuracy. This is ideal for the method feeder angler who wants to be able to target large carp using big method feeders. However, what sets the Drennan Series Seven Puddle Chucker Method Feeder Rod apart from the other high powered method feeder rods on the market is that it allows you to utilise every bit of power the rod has to offer without loosing any of the sensitivity or forgiveness that you require to play large carp under the tip. In many ways this makes this rod the perfect carp fishing rod, as it’s able to cast large bombs or feeders with ease whilst also allowing you to land your fish without the risk of hook pulls. In order to completely minimise the risk of lost fish, Drennan recommends using 4lb-8lb fishing line. This ensures that you have reduced the risk of over-gunning the rod, as it can sometimes be tempting to up the ante when you’re holding a rod that is capable of bringing in big fish.

The Drennan Series Seven Puddle Chucker Method Feeder Rod is supplied with two glass feeder tips. These are slow tapered and are 2oz and 3oz respectively, making them the perfect companion to method feeder fishing, whilst also giving you the versatility to modify your rod for the conditions on the water. At 11ft this rod is often considered to be the perfect length for this kind of angling, as it is short enough to use tight to the bank whilst also being long enough to cast and play fish with ease and accuracy. This means that whether you’re targeting the nearside margin or you’re out in the open waters of a flowing river, this rod will be able to perform. As you might expect from a top quality tool, this rod has been constructed from high-modulus carbon. This allows it to display a progressive action that can be considered ‘semi-through’. This means that the rod is able to absorb the blows of a hard fighting fish and this is an excellent tool for the angler who enjoys playing a fish. However, it also means that this rod has the kind of back bone which is usually associated with a rod towards the progressive end of the spectrum, allowing you to target the larger of the UK’s carp.

The Drennan Series Seven Puddle Chucker Method Feeder Rod is finished with a dark platinum black weave, so this rod not only performs superbly but it also looks great on the bank. The 22 inch handle is constructed from lightweight cork and is finished with a stainless steel butt cap, giving you a faultless grip – even with wet or cold hands – and ensuring that you have the confidence to target hard fighting fish. 

If this great rod wasn’t enough on its own, it’s also supplied with its own luggage making rod storage and transportation easy. The rod sleeve not only allows you to store the rod made up for use but it also has internal pockets in which you can store your spare feeder tips. This ensures that you can always have your spare tips on hand, allowing you to mix up your setup on the bank. The Drennan Series Seven Puddle Chucker Method Feeder Rod really is the perfect carp fishing rod for those anglers who prefer fishing with loaded method feeders. It also makes a good alternative to a spod rod, as it has a back bone capable of sending out large spod rockets, too.

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