Drennan Specialist Reel Pouch

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Your reel is the action house of your entire specialist fishing set up, and the last thing you want is for a reel you’ve spent a lot of money on, and which has brought you several striking specimens from bite to bank to get damaged while you’re carrying your rods made up and ready for action.

A damaged reel isn’t just expensive to replace; if you don’t realise it is damaged until you get to your swim, it could cost you time and expectations spent and built up travelling to that venue.  And if could end up costing you a fine specimen that would have made a perfect album shot.

Drennan are all about success for specialist anglers, and their range of professional quality equipment is designed to ensure every aspect of your fishing experience, from the smallest lifestyle accessory to the most advanced tackle technology, is effortlessly taken care of, so that you can focus on your fishing, and concentrate on capturing your dream fish; and setting up your next challenge.

Whatever your preferred reel, the Drennan Specialist Reel Pouch will ensure it arrives at your swim in prime condition and ready for action.

Made from 600D fabric that’s tough and durable, and capable of withstanding the rigours of an active session on rural or urban swims, this fully padded reel pouch comes with secure Velcro closure and a series of Velcro fastenings to ensure a fully snug fit and complete protection as you transport your made up rods, along with the rest of your tackle and accessories, to your venue.

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