Drennan Red Range Float Fish Reel

by Drennan
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Drennan Red Range Reels,

The first thing you’ll undoubtedly notice about this feeder reel from Drennnan is its shocking red colour. If you’re looking to make a statement on the bank with more than just your skills then this is certainly the way to do it. Forming part of the striking Red Range, this reel offers incredibly smooth performing rear drag for all your feeder fishing needs, whether you’re fishing in the margins of commercials for nervous carp or you’re tackling the match fishing scene on one of the country’s vibrant match rivers. What’s more, all of the incredible features on this reel don’t impact on its unbelievably low price point. This reel is ideal for experienced, novice, and budgeting anglers alike!

Supplied with two spools, both of which are operated on a push button facility for easy transferral, this is an incredibly versatile reel that offers you countless options on the bank to ensure you enjoy a successful angling session. Both spools have been designed to hold 100m of popular feeder line, ensuring you get a perfect fill on the spool with impeccable line lay. 100m is more than enough line to tackle most medium carp and coarse waters up and down the country and it ensures you are able to fish in a versatile style across a variety of venues. The Red Range feeder has been fitted with 5.2:1 gearing to enable you to bring your feeders (hopefully with fish attached) through potentially snaggy marginal waters with ease. Five bearings at play in the reel maintain its smooth performance and ensure you enjoy a long lifespan with this high performing reel. An additional one way clutch bearing aids the instant anti-reverse technology, enabling solid hooksets and ensuring you suffer from fewer lost fish. If you’re looking for a top quality reel that doesn’t break the bank, then this Red Ranger reel is ideal for all your feeder fishing needs.

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