Drennan Pole Rig AS2

by Drennan
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AS Pole Rigs,

Designed in conjunction with Alan Scotthorne, these readymade pole rigs have been more than a year in development and individually hand tied in our own factories, so the quality is second to none!

They have been constructed to Alan Scotthornes precise specifications, right down to the shotting patterns. Each rig comes on a specially printed pole winder and is tied using Supplex line in appropriate diameters. They are completed with a 15cm (6in) hooklength and corresponding Drennan hook.

Four styles are available incorporating the latest AS pole floats: AS1 (F1 & Carp), AS2 (Big Carp), AS3 (Silverfish & F1) and AS4 (Margin Carp).

Each rig is 3.5 metres long apart from the Margin Carp, which is 2.5 metres. These lengths are perfect for the vast majority of commercial fisheries and can be easily trimmed down if necessary for shallower venues.

Designed in conjunction with fivetime World Champion, Alan Scotthorne
Heavily based on Alans own rigs and rig diagrams Well over a year in development
Handtied in Drennans own factories
Designed for commercial fisheries
Incorporating the latest AS range of pole floats
Highest grade balsa bodies
Special tough acrylic paint finish gives exceptional strength and durability
Highly visible hollow tips reinforced into the body
Newstyle of lightweight, blackened stainless steel eye is kind to the line and a vast improvement over conventional spring eyes
Sensible sized shot from No10 to No8 used throughout
Shotting patterns based on Alans recommendations
Three correctly positioned float rubbers on each stem
Drennan Supplex line used throughout
Loops all tied with a reliable figureofeight knot
Sensible 15cm (6in) hooklengths and Drennan barbless hooks
Innovative new toughened pole winders made from glassfilled nylon
Unique design of pole winder places hook at the very end, which avoids kinking the hooklength
Clear and detailed rig information printed onto the front face of the winder itself
Four styles of rig; each in three of the most popular sizes
As close as you could get in mass production to what Alan Scotthorne uses himself!
Arguably the best readymade pole rigs available!

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