Drennan Float Stops

by Drennan
Drennan Float Stops,

These Float Stops from Drennan have a variety of uses, not least aiding in the avoidance of line damage. The ideal tool to use when trapping wagers, these float stops are also excellent as a stop for light bombs and link legers. Drennan’s Float Stops can act as a buffer or slim rubber bead on a number of different link set ups. Incredibly easy to use, you can either thread your fishing line through the wire loop at the end of a string of float stops, or simply slide the stop from the wire into the line. Available in two sizes, you are able to pick the perfect float stop for your use each time. With 15 in a pack these float stops offer remarkable value for money too! An essential bit of terminal tackle for all anglers, Drennan’s Float Stops suit a variety of applications and should hold a place in any angler’s tackle box.

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