Drennan Double Strength 50m Line

by Drennan
Drennan Double Strength is the first Japanese hi-tech line made widely available in the UK. It offers excellent strength to diameter ratios in a wide range of breaking strains. This soft and supple, neutral tone line behaves and handles very well in a wide range of uses.

50m spools: 6oz (0.17kg) – 0.052mm 10oz (0.28kg) – 0.064mm 14oz (0.4kg) – 0.074mm 1lb 4oz (0.57kg) – 0.083mm 1lb 8oz (0.7kg) – 0.090mm 1lb 14oz (0.87kg) – 0.104mm 2lb 4oz (1.1kg) – 0.117mm 2lb 12oz (1.32kg) – 0.128mm 3lb 6oz (1.53kg) – 0.138mm 4lb (1.8kg) – 0.148mm 5lb (2.25kg) – 0.165mm 6lb (2.75kg) – 0.185mm 7lb (3.2kg) – 0.205mm 8lb (3.63kg) – 0.220mm 10lb (4.5kg) – 0.235mm 12lb (5.5kg) – 0.260mm 15lb (6.9kg) – 0.285mm

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