Drennan 7 Series Puddle Chucker 11ft Pellet Waggler

by Drennan
Sold out

The Series 7 Puddle Chucker 11ft Pellet Waggler rod is light and ‘tippy’ enough to provide good line control and play silverfish but with enough reserve of power to handle hard fighting carp.

This excellent carbon blank has a forgiving action to help avoid hook pulls and is perfect for accurate, repetitive casting of anything from light wagglers to quite heavily loaded pellet wagglers.

Ideal reel lines are 4lb to 7lb, either fished straight through or with hooklengths to match.

The rod is sup­plied in a smart padded rod sleeve com­plete with a set of neo­prene bands, allowing the rod to be trans­ported made up. Ideal for modern day com­mer­cial fisheries!

Comes complete with grey Drennan padded rod sleeve. 


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