Delkim Txi Plus Bite Alarm + Free 9V Battery

by Delkim

Delkim Txi Plus Electronic Bite Alarm

The Delkim TX-i Plus Electronic Bite Alarm is the flagship model of the best selling Delkim Plus range. It has been received to global acclaim and continues to be the first choice for carp anglers all over the world. For anglers who want an alarm that is reliable, sensible, and versatile, then the Delkim TX-i is the only choice. When paired with the Delkim Rx Plus Pro Mini Receiver, it creates a top of the range cordless radio system, which is incomparable to anything else on the market.

The Delkim TX-i Plus Electronic Bite Alarm has tried and tested vibration sensing that uses a digital micro-processing piezo technology. This gives a proportional indication of the line speed and vibration without any moving parts, meaning the TX-i gives incredibly accurate readings every time. It is impossible to get these kinds of readings with any other bite alarm system, as most other systems use a roller system that is only capable of detecting a running line. This vibration system will alert you to the smallest nudges, giving you a crystal clear picture of the underwater action.

Large rotary controls allow you to have ultimate control over your alarm. The two different sensitivity ranges accommodate all angling conditions, so whether the wind is high and you want to lower your sensitivity or you’re fishing on a mill pond and want to be notified of the smallest nudge to your bait, you have the options available to you. Five LED combinations are able to give you visual indication in multiple light levels. An additional night marking mode with twin LED glimmer ensures that you never have to rely on betalights again. This is perfect for all those night-time takes, when you’re wrapped up tightly in your sleeping bag, as it ensures that you can quickly and easily identify your alarm. An adjustable volume and tone range that goes up to 100dB across a variety of high and low tones allows you to set different tones for each of your alarms, or to mute your alarms altogether. Once again, this aids with night time alarm identification as it allows you to promptly and effectively respond to your active alarm. The TX-i Plus really is the alarm for the angler who likes to be in command of their equipment.

As unique transmitter code come with each device, accidentally tuning in to a fellow angler’s receiver is a thing of the past. Not only that, but the alarm comes with anti-theft features, and uses audio and visual indicators to let you know when the alarm has been switched off. The Delkim TX-i Plus also automatically monitors its battery life, and it sounds a separate alarm when the battery level falls low. However, with a year long battery life (provided you use a quality PP3 9V battery), this isn’t a sound you’re going to be hearing often on the bank.

The Delkim TX-i Plus has an external coil aerial that maximises the performance of the alarm and you can ensure that you’re connected to your receiver, no matter the range, with its radio and range test system. It also comes with a NiteLite output to easily attach the Delkim NiteLite Pro Illuminating Hanger if you require additional alarm lighting. The Delkim TX-i Plus Electronic Bite Alarm is available in six colours, including the ever popular purple and white.

Not only does the Delkim TX-i Plus have stainless steel hardware to ensure the product can hold out on the bank, but it also comes supplied with its own hard case to protect it in storage and in transit. The Delkim TX-i Plus conforms to harmonized pan-European frequency specifications and, with a two year guarantee as standard, you can be confident that this alarm is going to last the distance.

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