Delkim Nitelite Pro Illuminating Hanger

by Delkim

The Delkim NiteLite Pro Illuminating Hanger evolved from the original NiteLite and took three years of intensive development and field testing to perfect. The challenge was to find a way to make a version of the original NiteLite with the advantages of a cable assembly that performed as a lightweight chain. Not as easy as it sounds. After much research, particularly into the medical endoscope field (ouch!!), nothing suitable was found so we had to invent something new, the CatFlex cable assembly. This gives good tensile strength and allows the fine wires needed to connect to the Delkim Plus range bite alarm to be protected and encased in a flexible black stainless steel coil. The complete assembly hangs in a perfect Catenary* curve.

Also included in the development of the NiteLite Pro Illuminating Hanger was a completely new self-adjusting integral magnetic ball clip which makes the old style adjustable types redundant. The NiteLite Pro is a complete illuminating hanger, line clip and bite alarm attachment all in one, that performs just like a chain. It replicates all the Delkim Plus range of alarms’ LED functions, flashing, latching, brightness adjustment and Night Marking WITHOUT ADDITIONAL BATTERIES. It is strong, hangs perfectly, is self-adjusting and non-twist.

  • PATENTED BALL CLIP – Self-adjusting, non-twist and non-corroding
  • SMOOTH STRIKE RELEASE – No snatching or possible over tightening
  • PATENTED BLACK CatFlex CABLE ASSEMBLY* – Hangs and flexes like a chain
  • CLEAR HANGER WITH INTEGRAL LED – Flashing, latching and Night Marking
  • NO BATTERIES REQUIRED – Powered off Delkim Plus range of bite alarms
  • AVAILABLE IN SIX COLOURScolorbar.jpg, 1.1kB
  • DEDICATED QUICK RELEASE – For DuoCarb Pivoting Hanger Support
  • CABLE LENGTH – 278mm

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