Delkim EV Plus Electronic Bite Alarm + Free Battery All Colours

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Delkim Ev Plus Electronic Bite Alarm

The Delkim EV Plus Electronic Bite Alarm is the back-to-basics version of the flagship TX-i Plus range. Offering all the same technology and build quality as the TX-i Plus, the EV Plus is a no-frills-attached bite alarm that gets the job done – all for incredible value for money. This makes it the perfect choice for the angler who is looking to upgrade their bite alarm to a proper piece of Delkim kit without breaking the bank and it really is a top level bite alarm that can see you through on the bank, season after season.

When paired with the TX Plus Micro Transmitter and RX Plus Pro Mini Receiver, this alarm system has all the reliability and sophistication that you would expect from a Delkim cordless radio system, including superb range and excellent battery life expectations. The EV Plus Bite Alarm uses tried and tested micro-processing piezo vibration system, which give proportional line speed and vibration readings without any moving parts. This not only reduces the risk of breakages and damage but it also ensures that you can enjoy supremely accurate readings in all weather conditions. Long gone are the days when a touch of frost would render your bite alarm as good as useless and the Delkim EV Plus Electronic Bite Alarm is a top end piece of kit that is both durable and accurate. With proportional line speed readings you can be confident when responding to even the most delicate of takes and vibrations reads let you know precisely when you’re faced with fish grubbing around in your swim. You can pick your optimal sensitivity from the single dynamic sensitivity range using the fine rotary adjustment, too. This ensures that whether you’re fishing in strong currents or windy conditions you’ll be able to enjoy positive soundings from your alarm time after time.

Every time you turn on the alarm it gives a sound check and you can change both the volume and the tone range of the EV Plus using the large rotary controls. The tone range contains unique alternating run mode tones and the volume can range from silence to 100dB. This ensures that you can set different tones for each of the alarms in your set up – which is perfect when you’re carp fishing with three or more rods. The volume changes allow you to be as stealthy or a brazen as you like and they ensure that you can fish with or without a receiver in your setup. What’s more, the EV Plus Bite Alarm features patented Delkim Night Marking with a 2.5mm NITELITE output. This removes the need for betalights when night fishing or fishing in low light levels – perfect for those late night takes. Twin flash and latch LED’s give you further bite indication and are essential when you’re fishing with your receiver setup. These are clear and super-bright, so you’ll never be faced with a moment’s hesitation when you’re stood in front of a tentative take.

As with all Delkim alarms, the EV Plus is reliable in all weather conditions, so you never have to worry about it being too wet or cold to use your bite alarm. Not only this, but provided you use a quality 9V battery, the alarm should last at least a year without requiring a battery change. The EV alarm comes with two years guarantee as standard, too, so you can be confident that this is one bite alarm which won’t let you down. Paired with a set of bite alarms, you cannot better Delkim EV Plus Bite Alarm Setup, produced by the UK’s premier bite alarm manufacturer.

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