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With the Deeper Pro Plus FishFinder, angling is no exception to the many areas where new technology are revolutionising experience, and optimising performance. tTransmitting a massive amount of underwater data in real time via a wireless wi-fi connection, the Deeper Pro is compatible with iOS and Android 4.0 platforms, so you can easily follow the Deeper Pro's readings on your laptop or smartphone; if you're wondering how to keep pricey tech safe from bankside incidents, and how to ensure your phone or tablet remains fully charged out in the wild, there's a good range of bankside power packs, for charging your tech, and durable, hard-wearing, water resistant tech bags for storing it, available at Angling Direct, in-store and online.

When you purchase the Deeper Pro + FishFinder from Angling Direct, you'll also benefit from a free accessory pack, which enhances your experience with the Deeper Pro, and gives you a smooth session from the moment you arrive at your venue.  The accessory pack includes a night cover, smartphone mount, and a handy Gerber tool– plenty of high quality additions to an already impressive piece of angling tech.

Allowing you to scan for underwater structure, map sub-surface contours, and create detailed, realtime maps of your swim, marking out spots where your fish are likely to congregate, and, most importantly, finding those fish wherever they are, the Deeper Pro casts further, and scans deeper, than other fishfinders on the market. Casting out to 100metres, with a depth range of up to 70m, the Deeper Pro features integrated fishing, giving your angling the edge with smart sonar fishing ability, to perfectly complement your technique and tackle, as well as your inherent knowledge of fish behaviour, and the impact of weather and water conditions on fish generally, and your chosen species in particular.

Giving you a wide-angle scan of 1.5mtrs, and a narrow scan of 0.5mtr, the Deeper Pro includes a water temperature sensor, which will give you an idea of which fish are likely to be feeding, and which may well be hiding up in crevices or deep vegetation, and need to be drawn out, allowing you to make the most efficient and effective bait choice, and adjust your tactics to suit the underwater conditions, maximising your chances of a good catch. The Deeper Pro can operate effectively in temperatures ranging from -20 C to +40 C, and can be used from shore, or from a boat, making it an ideal, intelligent choice for extreme sea anglers, as well as carp anglers who prefer to get off the beaten track in search of the biggest and best fish.

The Deeper Pro app (included as part of the package you're purchasing today) gives you a fishing calendar, so you can quickly and easily plan your year's fishing trips, the all-important camera function, so you can get award-winning shots that will look great on your social media profiles, and make you the envy of your angling mates, a weather forecast, so you can pack around the likely conditions, in terms of bait and tackle, as well as clothing, offline map access, to save your data, and a fishing notes section, so you can keep a constant, well-informed track of your angling journey, and easily recall experiences that made a difference, whether in terms of what tackle you used, or your angling mindset generally.

The Deeper Pro Plus FishFinder is fully charged In two hours, giving you six hours of continuous use in all conditions, and its lithium polymer battery can be charged from a micro USB port, with a USB wire supplied in the Deeper Pro package, which also includes a mini pouch, protecting your Deeper Pro while in transit as part of your fishing luggage.

With an ABS construction, your Deeper Pro is durable and weather resistant enough to last a lifetime, no matter how extreme you like your angling. Designed to offer greater performance sensitivity, producing detailed sonar readings with higher-quality representation of individual elements, and improved background noise filtration, the Deeper Pro + with free accessory pack is a gift that will be appreciated all year round.

  • Summer Pack includes:
  • - Korda - Aviator - Matt Black Frame / Grey Lens Sunglasses

    - Korda - Marker Kits

    - Korda - Pronged Marker Leads - 3/4oz

    - Korda - Marker Elastic

  • LIMITED UK ONLY OFFER | FREE Summer Pack with every Deeper Pro+
  • Korda have teamed up with to bring you this seriously good and very limited DEEPER Pro+offer! Purchase a Deeper Pro+ and get an exclusive FREE Summer pack worth over £57!

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