Cygnet Minimal Bank Stick

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Cygnet Minimal Sticks, 

To the dedicated modern angler, it is just as important to look good on the bank as it is to feel good – and more often than not the two go hand in hand to ensure carp fishing success. This is something that the Cygnet brand understands better than most, which is why the team behind its impressive range of bankware has worked hard to ensure that its gear looks as good as possible underneath your high end carp fishing rods. The brand new range of Minimal rod supports proves that, for once, less really is more and the range contains a number of cutting edge products that look every bit as good as you’ll feel on the bank.

Cygnet’s Minimal Sticks are the brand’s updated version of its 20/20 best selling classics. Offering all the same characteristics, which have made the 20/20 range so popular, this time in a slimmer and sleeker package, these banksticks look set to revolutionise your bankside appearance. The Minimal Sticks are available in a range of sizes and all are completely adjustable to allow you to modify and adjust your setup to suit your needs. If you’re looking for a low profile setup then you need look no further than the 6 – 10 inch sticks. These are the smallest sticks in the range and they have been designed to allow you to fish low to the ground in a stealthy setup. The brand has then designed a range of intermediate sizes which are ideal for the angler who likes to travel for their fishing. If you’re someone who finds yourself on a different venue or fishing out of a different swim each time that you head to the bank, these intermediate sizes are ideal for you. At the smaller end of the spectrum you’ll find 9 – 16 inch and 12 – 22 inch options. Growing bigger, there are also 15 – 28 inch and 18 – 34 inch sticks. This range of intermediate sticks allows you to fish flush to the ground, angling down or up as you please to get the line where you need it in the water. At the tallest end of the spectrum you’ll find the 24 – 46 inch banksticks. These have been designed for anglers who are regularly faced with dense foliage on the bankside, as well as for those anglers who like to get a real kick up on your rods. This huge range of sizes and variety of adjustability ensures that you can completely customise your setup each time you head down to the water’s edge – so you can maximise your angling opportunities.

As with the classy 20/20 range, these Minimal Sticks have solid metal fittings. This ensures that these are heavy duty and completely robust, ensuring that they’ll support your rods over the water with ease season after season. The point on the banksticks are as precisely designed as the rest of the tackle in the range, ensuring that they can cut through the bank easily – holding your buzz bars in the perfect position in all conditions. The thumb screws have been tipped with stainless steel – not only to ensure that they look good but also to ensure that they are every bit as durable as the rest of your setup. The whole outfit is finished in a classic matt black, complementing the sticks svelte profile. They are the perfect banksticks for the modern and discerning carp angler who wants to look good on the bank whilst they pull in monster carp after monster carp. 

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