Cygnet Minimal CV Bank Stick

by Cygnet
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Based on the highly successful Minimal Banksticks, the Minimal CV Banksticks from Cygnet have been brought up to date with a total CAD redesign.

One of the features of the CV Bankstick range is the no-loss thumbscrews. Many anglers have been loosening the bankstick screw to adjust the lengths and then ended up removing the screw completely. It is then a time-costly process of trying the marry the screw and thread back up to tighten the screw at your preferred length. With the no-loss thumbscrews, not only it the twist of the screw easier but there is a lock in place so the screw will not come out even when it is at its loosest setting.

Measuring at 12mm diameter, the banksticks also boast an inner point for hard ground where a thinner diameter can penetrate the ground easier. This makes for a stronger set up, even when fishing in strong winds. In-ground banksticks keeps those rods still so that bite indication is accurate.

The Cygnet CV banksticks are made from an anodised aluminium which is both lightweight and robust so you can afford to carry the amount you need without piling on the pounds to your carp barrow . The bankware also comes on a matt black finish so that reflection of natural or artificial lighting is not reflected into the waters and possibly scaring away the fish.

Available in seven sizes, you can modify your rod set up to your particular fishing standards and styles. Select from 6inch, 9, 12, 15, 18, 24 and 36 inches. Longer banksticks are great for a taller set up when in a particular weedy swim.

Light, strong and affordable, the Cygnet CV range will enhance that capture rate.

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