CC Moore Roasted Peanut Meal

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With increasing pressure on the availability and price of fishmeals, alternative viable protein sources are always of considerable interest to bait makers and companies. Roasted Peanut Meal is not only a valuable source of quality protein (at 28.5% crude protein) but is also a very attractive meal that has a deep nutty aroma with the added bonus of being roasted for extra flavour and nutrient digestibility.

As a fine, pale, slightly oily meal, Roasted Peanut Meal can be used in bird food, milk protein or even fish meal baits to add a smooth aroma, texture and retained moisture content.

This product is human food grade.

Can be included in base mixes at up to 200g/kg.


As this is a pure, natural product there may be physical variations between different batches. This is normal and does not affect the performance potential of the product.


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