CC Moore Pacific Tuna Shelf Life Boilies

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CC Moore Pacific Tuna Shelf Life Boilies


The ultimate big carp catcher. This bait contains a blend of high quality crustacean and shellfish products sourced from feed and food manufacturing contacts around the world, this is a highly digestible, nutrient-rich bait with a deep, savory taste and aroma that instantly tells you all you need to know... fish just love it.

Developed to stimulate a powerful feeding response and experience, even when immersed in water for long periods, the potent natural extracts it contains are underpinned by a base combining amino acid-rich low temperature fish meals with pure milk proteins, hydrolysed yeast products, L030 and Haith’s Robin Red® to produce a highly attractive long-term food source that boasts an incredibly instant attractor profile – the perfect combination. 

Primed for optimum underwater performance and maximum attractor leakage in all water temperatures, it is an extremely soluble bait that can be seen to quickly dry out even when simply in contact with the air. This naturally occurring process illustrates just how rapidly it will allow its powerful natural feeding triggers and appetite stimulants to diffuse from it as water starts to penetrate its outer layers.

Not only does this increase the speed and intensity of its attraction potential but it also allows you to thinly and repeatedly coat them in a liquid of your choice that will be literally sucked into the surface layers of the bait and then released once introduced in water. Liquids of varying density and even oils may be used to accurately target the release of water-borne food signals into certain layers of the water where fish may be cruising.

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