CC Moore Liquid Molasses

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This thick black syrup is a product derived from the sugar processing industry. It is a naturally sweet, slightly liquorice-smelling product with a density similar to that of treacle. With less pure grades used in the animal food industry as a palatability improver, this enhanced version is excellent for adding to method, stick and spod mixes as well as being very effective as a bulk liquid food when added to boilie mixes. The recommended inclusion level in base mixes is 20-30ml/kg. (Doesn't melt P.V.A)


Liquid Molasses is a superb additive for method mixes, and being so reasonably priced can be used at generous levels. Due to its very dark colour, it is also useful for adding to mixes when fishing over silt as it will add lots of attraction but will darken the mix, thus reducing the chance of spooking fish over a light coloured baited area.

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