Browning Groundbait 1KG (Champions Choice) Various Flavours

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Browning Groundbait 1kg

Big Fish:

A heavy, bright yellow groundbait for large fish such as bream, tench and carp. The strong binding properties and long lasting effect ensures that large volumes of particles such as casters, worms and gravel can be mixed with the bait. The sweet scent of almond, vanilla and marzipan is irresistible to huge specimens. Big Fish is suitable for use on large rivers and lakes. Grain size: large.

Black Magic:

Groundbait for the most difficult conditions! The very dark, almost black colour makes this groundbait perfect for fishing in clear water. The special colouration makes Black Magic® perfectly suited to the lake or river bed, leading the fish straight to the feeding site and keeping them there. Black Magic® has highly active ingredients which roach especially find irresistible. The selected combination of attractors makes the scent and flavour attractive to all types of silver fish. Grain size: medium.


This groundbait is perfectly suited for attracting large fish in lakes and slow running waters. The high percentage of ground hemp seeds and use of high quality flavourings attracts fish over long distances. The addition water allows for maggots, casters or bloodworms to be added. Grain size: fine


This unique Tench mixture from the ‘Champions Choice' groundbait range, has been specially designed to attract tench, but also holds a magical appeal for huge bream and carp. The binding strength has been formulated to maximise catch rate in lakes and slow flowing rivers. The groundbait receives its dark colouration from the finest fish meal. The fishy aroma with a subtle hint of sweet biscuit attracts large specimens quickly and holds them in the swim for long periods. During test development, our angling consultant managed to land monster tench over 9.5 lb as well as double figure bream. Grain size: medium, Binding strength: medium.

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