Browning Black Magic S-Line Combi Bag

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A combi bag is handy if you're fishing from a narrow peg, or simply want to minimise your luggage load. Giving you a small carryall and cool bag in one bag, the browning Black Magic S-Line Combi Bag is a stylish and convenient luggage choice that's ideal for match anglers who are looking to keep things streamlined.

A dual compartment carryall, the S-Line Combi provides two separate compartments. One compartment is fully lined with insulating foil, and ideal for carrying bait or food, while the second compartment is conventionally lined for tackle and general purpose items.  Each compartment features its own zip-close flap, keeping everything secure, and ensuring bait and food stay fresh throughout the day. The S-Line Combi Bag comes in at 40cm x 20cm x 23cm, giving you a spacious yet compact luggage option that sits neatly on a tackle trolley.

A stroke of practical genius, the Combi Bag is ideal for active, focused match anglers who want a neat, professional luggage set up that can easily add an edge to any match session.

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