Hello everyone.
As of tomorrow morning (Monday June 15th) we will be opening the retail shop up fully to members of the public.
The shop will be back to its normal opening times of Monday to Friday 9am until 5pm (9am - 4.30pm on a Saturday). 
There will be a few restrictions in place as you would expect so please bear with us, the new rules include the following:
Firstly, most importantly..Please DO NOT come to the shop if you or anyone in your household has Coronavirus or is showing symptoms or if you have come into contact with anyone who has since tested positive. Until you have isolated for 2 weeks and stayed symptom free we will not be able to serve you or let you in.
Customers will be restricted to a max of 5 in the shop at any one time.
Please adhere to the social distancing floor stickers and try to keep to 2 metres apart as much as you sensibly can, if you see a customer browsing a particular section then please give them some time before they move on, please do not make other customers nervous by getting too close as some have underlying health conditions that you may be unaware of, age is not always an indicator of health conditions.
Once inside the shop please restrict your shop to purchasing products as much as you can, we won't always be able to chat for long or as much as we would really like to during this unusual and busy time, we are here for advice of course - but as i am sure you can all respect if there are customers waiting outside to come in we might not be able to talk about things as much as normal.
Baskets will be available at the entrance of the shop as per the photos - if you don't see a free basket, this should tell you that 5 people are browsing in the store and please wait outside until a basket becomes available or you see a customer leave. We will try to be outside the shop counting customers in and out if we can during less busier times.
We will be disinfecting surfaces and baskets as much as we can but if you feel uncomfortable then feel free to wear gloves and masks if you wish, you will get no complaints from us (of course).
Hand sanitiser will be available at the counters for all customers to use as they wish.
The shop will be accepting cash and debit / credit card payments, obviously we would prefer card machine payments if you can due to cash and change handling but we will accept it if that is all you have on you.
There will be a sneeze screen up at the counter to protect you and of course the staff while you shop.
If coming into the store makes you nervous or makes you feel uncomfortable then please continue to use the click and collect option on our website, we will be very happy to serve you this way if you want to collect and go.
We want you to feel as comfortable and as safe as possible during your stay so please feel free to suggest anything you feel would improve your visit.


Please keep up to date with any changes on our facebook page located at:

If you need to speak to us please contact us on 01438 352415 and 

Thank you and stay safe.