Reuben Heaton

Reuben Heaton has its roots firmly set in the angling industry and was founded in 1857 by its namesake Reuben George Heaton.

In the early years, the company was predominantly a manufacturer of fishing reels, but this manufacturing base was quickly extended to cover many other items of angling equipment. By the early 1870’s Heaton’s fishing reels and angling products were sold worldwide in their tens of thousands. Right from his early years in the industry to around the turn of the century, Reuben Heaton was responsible for many of the early innovations that have shaped the angling equipment we know today.

The first angling scales appeared in the company catalogue as simple spring balances around the turn of the century. It was much later in the 1920’s before the first dial scales appeared. Because of the company’s engineering capabilities, Heaton’s have been involved in the manufacture of various products over the years such as bicycle wheels and brake testing equipment in addition to the angling products which dominated the company’s catalogues up to the early 1970’s.