Proper Carp Baits Arrive at JL Fishing Tackle LTD

Proper Carp Baits Arrive at JL Fishing Tackle LTD

We are very pleased and excited to announce that JL Fishing now stocks Proper Carp Bait products - available to order from today. 

Jon McAllister and Sean Leverett bring you 'Proper Carp Baits'. A range of high quality carp baits designed by proper carp anglers to catch proper carp.


Carp instinctively know a well formulated bait with correctly balanced protein levels once eaten. Our bait ranges tap into these instincts and provide this essential food source.

We use the finest ingredients available, complemented with balanced levels of proven attraction. All three of the baits within our range are specifically designed to be extremely digestible, therefore the breakdown process begins once the bait is introduced into the lake, leaving a highly attractive carpet across the lake bed.


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