JL Fishing Trip To "The Airman" Shefford Bedfordshire

JL Fishing Trip To "The Airman" Shefford Bedfordshire

Another great day's fishing was had by some the guys in the shop and a regular who came along at The Airman (Shefford and District Angling Association) this Monday.

We've always enjoyed fishing at this venue but Monday really did surprise us with the quality of the roach and perch that we caught on the day.

As you can see from the pic's we are having near personal best's at this venue and if you thought that fishing was just for the summer months then you would be very much mistaken....

If perch/roach/pike fishing is your cup of tea then it's an excellent time to choose to fish around the surrounding areas. We've had many people say this is their best time of year and is far better than summer as it is quieter on the swims.

All fish were caught on light match gear with 2-4lb line and double red maggot so it goes to show that you don't need heavy gear to get some great fish.

Why not pop in or see us online for more info.

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perch at shefford bedfordshire


Pike at Shefford Bedfordshire

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